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What is a swap rate?

A foreign exchange swap rate is defined as the foreign exchange position’s overnight interest (earned or interest payments). Each currency rate is determined according to the day of the overnight interest rate, as well as the direction of trade.

In any currency pair:
• A currency swap is the exchange of interest payments in one currency for the interest payments in the paired currency.
• An interest rate swap is the exchange of a floating interest rate for a fixed rate.

Swaps rates offered by financial institutions calculated on both a risk management analysis and market conditions. Each institution has its own currency exchange rate swaps, which measures the standard size as 1.0  Lot (trading volume 100,000 units).

How do I view swap rates on the ETO Markets MT4 trading platform?

To view the latest interest rate swaps, please visit the ETO Markets MT4 trading platform.

To view the overnight rate, select: View> Market Watch. Right-click on the Market Watch, and select Currency Pair. Then select the currency you want to view, and then select the currency pair “Specification”.